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Emerging trends in asset digitalization

With the continuous evolvement of blockchain technology, asset digitalization is approaching rapidly to the next level in transparency and efficiency, revolutionizing how value is transferred across different participants. Utility tokens have been the flagship products of tokenization, but Security Token issuance is reimagining the way how traditional equity offerings and corporate events are executed, not to mention the cross-border trading of these equity assets.

Growing number of accepted token standards

New generation token standards also open up the way to create digital twins of real-world assets, like real estate and land records. By combining the unique features of unique assets and fractionalization, ie the splitting up of these digitals assets created on the blockchain provides the opportunity for people, who did not have the chance before to receive ownership in multimillion-dollar skyscrapers or artworks.

Utility Token Offering
Security Token Offering
Corporate Event Management
Property, vehicle, identity registry and tracking
Software licencing
Gemstone, Art, Cryptokitties - A streamlined solution

Defactory Platform provides an automated solution for this rapidly emerging digital asset industry, by creating and offering a way for anybody on the market to create digital assets according to the use case they are after. Utilising the combination of a user-friendly interface and a smart contract framework behind the surface, Defactory Platform is a quick, cost-effective and transparent solution to speed up the tokenization process around the world.

Digital Asset Creation
Digital Asset Management
Custom Use Cases
Token Exchange
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